Turkey-UK: 3DI 3D Printing & Digital Innovation

Our project titled “Turkey-UK: 3DI 3D Printing & Digital Innovation” was supported get funding by the British Council Connect Innovation: UK-Turkey Higher Education Institutional Partnerships Fund which is a new grant program that supports institutional partnerships between universities in the UK and Turkey. With this project, UK and Turkish universities are expected to create new connections, innovative and sustainable partnerships through joint activities and projects.

“Turkey-UK: 3DI 3D Printing & Digital Innovation” project, which will be carried out for 2 years in partnership with Marmara University and University College London. Serhad Mühendislik, Kazlıçeşme R&D Center, and Axolotl Biosystems will take place as supporting institutions in the project. 

The project focuses on institutional transformation, and building a Virtual Reality (VR) Centre where scientists from Turkey and the UK, can meet in cutting-edge laboratories, the same way they would in real life in the area of 3D printing. At the same time, the project aims to strengthen the innovation ecosystems in respective sectors, knowledge exchange between University and Industry and skills development aligned with local industry requirements. Most importantly, this VR centre will minimise carbon travel footprints where students reach laboratory training without long way travel.  

The project activities are planned to include both trainers and students. Trainers and students will be provided with access to the VR center and how to use it training will be given. In addition, students will receive basic 3D printer training and medical 3D printer training.