Turkey-UK: 3DI 3D Printing & Digital Innovation

Digital Center using technology-based learning and training

Turkey-UK: 3DI 3D Printing and Digital Innovation is a British Council Supported cooperation project of 2 HEIs from Turkey and UK. Focuses on institutional transformation, and building a Virtual Reality (VR) Centre where scientists from Turkey and the UK, can meet in cutting-edge laboratories, the same way they would in real life in the area of 3D printing.

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Our main theme is climate change, green universities and green careers with a clear impact on graduates’ employability skills, in line with the United Nations’ priority themes.

Our objectives also cut across other overlapping themes – “Aligning skill sets of students and graduates with industry needs, Developing the capacity of internationalisation, and strengthening governance, leadership, quality assurance and management in institutions.

In line with United Nation’s priority themes; our proposal fits well for future green universities and green life abilities, the future of business life will be surrounded with distance learning activities in terms of state of the art Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, employability skills, in line with the United Nations’ priority themes.

This project is also designed to improve Turkish academicians teaching skills with VR technology.

In general, we will align the skills of students and graduates with industry needs and academicians’ capacity using innovative distance learning approach.

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